How Do I Choice the Lace Color?

The lace color is made to imitate your scalp color, not your skin tone. Choosing the correct lace color for either frontal, closure or wig will give off the best undetectable hairline, matching it closest to your skin complexion. Be sure to part your hair, and look at your scalp color prior to making your selection.

Transparent Lace Color

This shade is suitable for creamy and fair complexions. If you are close to these complexions you will also look good in light brown lace color if you decide to purchase an in-stock lace front wig or full lace wig.

Light Brown Lace Color

Light brown to medium brown tones.

This shade can be used by anyone who has light brown skin but works great with most complexions. This is our best selling and most asked for lace color because it blends with most complexions. From light skin tones to medium-dark tones.

Brown Lace Color

Suitable for people with brown skin.

Hot Tip!

If you are still not sure what lace color to go with, it is best to go with light brown lace color as you can easily blend it in with your powder or liquid for a flawless and undetectable look.