Use a moisturizing leave-in conditioner and/or a nickel-size amount of argan oil on damp hair.

We strongly recommend allowing the hair to air dry undisturbed, however, if that is not possible, use a hairdryer on low heat with a heat protectant. If you feel that the hair is dry, use argan oil. Style as desired.

To prevent product build-up, avoid using heavy/too much product


Our textures were designed to be worn as you receive them. However, the texture holds curls best with a combination of heat and non-heat methods including flexible rods and curl wands.

To curl with flexirods: style on dry or wet hair, add argon oil, flexirod to style.

To curl with a curl wand: use heat protestant and curl to desired style.

Using Heat:

You may blow dry, curl or straighten your extensions, however, please keep in mind that just like your own hair, excessive and/or frequent use of heat will dry out and/or damage your hair. Minimizing the use of heat will increase the longevity of your human hair extensions.


 Detangle hair while dry using your fingers followed by a wide-tooth comb. Use a paddle brush to smooth hair and style as desired.  


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